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Technology holds a key to growth in the way we communicate and discover new ideas. Our research program is a framework for advancing innovation in the applied areas of communication, energy, transportation, and public safety. Ultimately, the results of our endeavors bring people closer together, making technology more transparent. New scientific discoveries are most valuable when they can be applied to real-world problems.

Advancing Thoughts

The common thread of our research is human-computer interaction. If our research projects are viewed as the ribs of an umbrella, then the handle is HCI.

Whether our investigations are asking "How can we improve the logistics of provisioning products and services for those left homeless in the aftermath of disaster?" or "How can a virtual agent assist in our daily activities?", at their core lies the need to ameliorate the interactions between humans and computers. Often, this advancement requires the simplification (rather than the "complexification") of the visible interface. Thus, one could argue that advancement begs abstraction.

What does human-computer interaction have to do with the homeless? Can a clear connection be drawn? People can be made homeless instantly following a natural disaster, that is, they may be left without a regular dwelling. During the reconstruction period that follows such disaster, various types of emergency shelters and services are often provided by organizations such as Red Cross or governmental emergency management departments.

Recently, in a number of cases, it has been reported that this recovery period is fraught with logistical engineering problems – in other words, the management of the flow of resources is impeded. According to the Council of Logistics Management, logistics contains the integrated planning, control, realization, and monitoring of all internal and network-wide material-, part- and product flow. Thus it follows that an improvement in computerized logistics control systems can lead to a better overall experience for victims seeking some sense of normalcy during this stressful period.

Our research initiative, Proximity Outreach, seeks to improve logistics by creating a scalable self-similar procedure to provide uninterrupted emergency services. The matrix of interrelated components needs to be explored and pushed beyond existing solutions. Approaching the problem through scientific means leads to well-formulated and tested methodologies which can be adopted and adapted by organizations world-wide.



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